Dr. Rajeev Kumar  MBBS & M.D from PMCH, Ex. Resident Safdar jang Hospital, New Delhi

Dr. Rajeev Kumar 

Dr. Rajeev Kumar is a highly accomplished mental health expert with qualifications of MBBS & M.D from PMCH, Patna. He is a winner of several national  awards Besides treating patients he has a keen research interest in clinical research. He is frequently present at scientific conferences in India. Dr. Rajeev Kumar and his team has good  healthcare experience. His goal is to provide world class mental health care and to bring evidence-based care and latest technologies in the field of psychiatry to India. 

His practice involves the diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of psychiatric disorders like depression,bipolar mood disorder,generalized anxiety disorder,acute stress disorder, schizophrenia,schizoaffective disorder,delusional disorder,obsessive compulsive disorder,panic disorder,somatoform disorders,pain disorders,tension type headache and other headaches,drug abuse (alcohol,cannabis,opium,nicotine,inhalants) etc

Dr. Rajeev Kumar is highly skilled and experienced in treating major and minor psychiatry diseases. Some of the best treatments provided by the doctor are psychiatry diseases treatment, counseling castration therapy, dementia treatment, grief treatment, loss of interest treatment, low confidence counseling etc.Dr. Rajeev Kumar has attended many zonal, national, and international psychiatric conferences and seminars. He has been part of the clinical research activity. 

Patient Testimonial


“Dr. Rajiv Sir has definitely helped me get better. He is thorough, and because of this two medications which I did not need were eliminated. Without a doubt I would recommend him to others. His staff exceeds expectation. They are friendly and efficient.”



I would recommend Dr. Ravi Kumar to anyone that is going through difficult times. He has absolutely helped me get better. He has a great personality and greets me as a friend. I have been seeing him for 4 years and improving always



I have had depressed/suicidal feelings for over five years. I felt so hopeless. I finally followed a friend’s advice and sought professional help from Dr. Rajiv. His staff is so pleasant. Dr. Rajiv Sir listens, does not judge, and HELPS..”



“Dr. Rajiv was very professional and was very easy to talk to. He explained everything clearly making me feel comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Rajivto all family and friends in time of need.




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