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Om Sai Neuro Psychiatry

In the hectic lives of today’s world, people are more likely to suffer from mental illness such as depression, anxiety, addiction, child psychiatric issues, and old age psychiatric issues. These problems may not be visible physically but can make the person feel dejected and depressed which may affect his/ her entire life. You can contact the one of the best psychiatrist in Patna, Dr. Rajeev Kumar to overcome such problems.

Depression is coming out to be one of the most common problems with the ever-rising competition and expectations. It is an important symptom of unbalanced mental health that includes a feeling of dejection, sullen mood, and aversion for all the activities. In a severe situation, the depressed person can become totally withdrawn and detached.

Don’t let yourself or someone you know suffer in silence. Log on to and get the most appropriate treatment with the best psychiatrist in Patna and bounce back to life with full vigor. Dr. Rajeev Kumar is a highly qualified mental health expert and has reversed a huge number of lives towards happiness and fulfillment.

Our Specialty


Anxiety Disorder

Psychosexual Disorder

Compulsive Disorder

Stress Management

Chronic Headache

Teenage Problems


Sleep Problem


Patient Testimonial


“Dr. Rajiv Sir has definitely helped me get better. He is thorough, and because of this two medications which I did not need were eliminated. Without a doubt I would recommend him to others. His staff exceeds expectation. They are friendly and efficient.”



I would recommend Dr. Ravi Kumar to anyone that is going through difficult times. He has absolutely helped me get better. He has a great personality and greets me as a friend. I have been seeing him for 4 years and improving always



I have had depressed/suicidal feelings for over five years. I felt so hopeless. I finally followed a friend’s advice and sought professional help from Dr. Rajiv. His staff is so pleasant. Dr. Rajiv Sir listens, does not judge, and HELPS..”



“Dr. Rajiv was very professional and was very easy to talk to. He explained everything clearly making me feel comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Rajivto all family and friends in time of need.




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